Is there a way to disable coin popups while i'm reading?

I don’t really care about the coins or any of the other features except for pure listening and reading and i don’t want them to pop up while i’m using the reader.

Can these be disabled in any way?


By using macros and the web, you can have ESC pressed as you move to a new screen. There should be a normal way to disable them.

They come up when i click on a new lingq and not just when paging. A native way to do it would be cool but i’ll look into your suggestion.

You can disable the popups in the settings on iOS/iPadOS. I don’t know about Android. If this in regard to the web version, maybe look at something like this:

Not possible to disable them at the moment, but we’ll see if that’s something we can allow in future updates.


Hi hbar.
We have added settings on web app for disabling streak & milestones popups, so you can start using it on web app and later on it will be available in Android app too.

You can find it by opening a lesson, hovering on three dots on the right side, clicking on Reader Settings, scrolling down to General block and find “Streak and milestones popups”. By default we are showing achievements popups, you just need to untick this option if you don’t want to see it.


Awesome, i really appreciate you listening and taking action.

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