Is there a way to delete imported lessons without experiencing pain in the neck?

I am not able to find it.
I wanted to delete all imported lessons at once or all the imported courses at once.

So, I thought, I will go to the library at My Imports page, then I will select all the courses and delete them.

What I have in reality.
Go Learn → My Imports. I am at Login - LingQ. Good.
I can delete imported lessons one by one, each time confirming the deletion. Not so good.
After switching from Show:Lesson to Show:Course,
I am at
I have a list of courses and small pop-up with options at the right low corner of each course item. Pop-up allows me to Open Course, Import lesson to course, Subscribe at RSS and Share course at Twitter and Facebook and Email,
BUT I don’t even have an option to delete a course at once.
I can choose Edit it and go to Course own page, where Delete button doesn’t work with message “Cannot remove the collection because it contains items bought by some users”. This is ridiculous, because (1) my imported collections are private ones, and I am the only one who uses them,
and (2) no more collections at the LingQ 2.0 era, we have courses now.
I didn’t found how to resolve (1).

But! After that, LingQ ejected me at page Login - LingQ
where I can select and delete 25 lessons at once, which is better than nothing.

So, I am curious, if there is a more, let’s say, direct way to delete my imported lessons grouped by collections Maybe, I just don’t understand something?

By the way, this part of LingQ’s interface is a mess. I can achieve the magic page Login - LingQ
by Learn → My Imports → Import lesson → Back to Import.
I don’t understand this.
Why Back to Import doesn’t work like Back to My Imports? Maybe, at least, you could provide a DIRECT link to magic page Login - LingQ?

And why I don’t have an option to delete a course at My Imports page? Instead, there are such a useful options like Share in Twitter and Share in Facebook (by the way, where a google+ option? I don’t use google+, but this options is presented at every lesson, so it seems logical to get it here).

Thank you for attention, it was a special christmas complain.

@alb - We’re looking to add a button directly on the downgrade popup that will allow you to clear all your imported lessons. In the meantime, we can do this for you if you want. Just send us an email at support (at) and we’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

Thank you, I have almost done myself.

But, you see, it is not a good state of the interface. Imagine, for example, that during one of Hangouts someone asks Steve to show how to delete all imported lessons. And he deletes all his russian lessons by portions of 25 or writes you a letter… hmm… am I the only one who thinks that something is wrong here? :slight_smile:

I guess it is a priorities thing. Why do you want to delete these lessons?

I wanted to downgrade my account temporally.

aha :slight_smile: