Is there a way to change incorrect Romaji on words?

For example on the kanji for 5 it says Itsu can i change these romaji errors plz?

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I hope they can fix it… The same thing happens with Chinese.

Some words have more than one pronunciation depending on the context. (More advanced Japanese learners can correct me on this if it’s wrong, but I believe 五 in Japanese can be pronounced as either “go” or “itsu” depending on the context).

Meanwhile, for now, as needed, I have been putting the correct pronunciation in the LingQ together with the definition. Hope that helps someone.

Indeed, kanji can have different pronunciations, depending upon context.

The problem is that LingQ is paradoxically a) a language-learning app that b) often guesses that context and pronunciation wrong even with kanji Japanese first graders know.

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I don’t think it guesses. I think only one furigana is assigned to each kanji character. So sometimes the furigana will be correct and sometimes not, depending on the context.