Is there a way to adjust your Daily Lingq's on the mobile app?

I’ve searched for this advice throughout the forums and I can’t find my answer. I would really like to utilize the daily lingq’s flashcard system on my iphone app but I would really like “new” words to be the most important, or used, words, not just new words that are random or recently added as a lingq. I know I get to review words from the SRS system, which is great but I want the new words to be consistent with what I find directly on the website. The ability to review the most important words. How can I adjust which new words are added to my flashcard system in my app?

@Ryan321 - There is no way to adjust the Daily LingQs other than the number of LingQs that are sent. The only options for reviewing flashcards on the app are to either review Daily LingQs or review the flashcards per lesson.

Great, thanks Mark for the shift response. Just checkin…

I’m in agreement here with Ryan. What’s the purpose of the random lingQs? I find the “Daily LingQs” system difficult to be motivated by because so many of the words are more advanced, and I feel like I’m wasting my time with those words instead of ones I know would be more important.

Could it be that Ryan and I are missing the point? Can someone provide a justification for why it’s designed this way? …especially because I know that LingQ already has the intelligence system for determining important words, it doesn’t make sense to me to keep it out.


@basinger - The Daily LingQs system is based on spaced repetition allowing you to learn terms more effectively, gradually, and pay attention to all the terms that you save for review. Using website version, you can sort your LingQs by importance, but this feature is currently not available on the app. I don’t think that learning terms which are less frequent in a language is a waste of time. If you save them as LingQs you probably consider learning them anyway. And you never know where you can come across those words in your target language :slight_smile:

We don’t have any immediate plans on implementing this feature on the app, however, we always keep in mind your suggestions for our future updates.

@Ryan, in the regular ap…If you start tagging your words you can go to the vocabulary page, click on a tag group and go from there.