Is there a way to add an ebook translation side by side instead of Google translate?

If I am reading an original copy of a book through lingq which I have already read in translation, is there a way to use it for reference instead of a sentence by sentence google translate??

Hi, BabyRuth!

You could try the following workaround:

  • Import the original book (let’s say: in German) into LingQ.
  • Import the translation (let’s say: in English) into LingQ
  • Edit the translated lesson text, mark and copy it
  • Edit the lesson of the original text, select “Resources - Translation (with the specific target language)” and paste the text of the translated lesson
    Now you should be able to display the original lesson and the translated lesson side by side.
    Unfortunately, this only works for a single lesson, as LingQ splits long books into individual lessons.

Hope that helps

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If you have both texts, it’s way easier to just put your english text on a separate device – Kindle, iPad, or similar – and just read along while working with the TL text in LingQ. Actually, one of the most practical ways is to get a used paperback version of the same book in English, so you don’t have to deal with two electronic devices at the same time – paper NL versions work especially well when you’re LingQing your TL version on the iPad or iPhone app.


Excellent comment!
Thank you, t_harangi, for reminding us that sometimes “old school” (i.e., print books) is best!


Thanks Peter! It seems so obvious, and they keep adding features…I don’t know why they haven’t made this a priority. Anyway, best wishes.

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