Is there a tech learning website like in Spanish?

I like to use Spanish as a tool to learn other things. I like to learn more and more about technology, and is a really good tech learning resource, but it’s in English. Does anyone know of a resource like it in Spanish?

MiriadaX is a Spanish-language platform for MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). A quick search for technology courses gave seven results.


Jungleboy, thanks SO much!! This is awesome! I signed up for a free Spanish Wordpress course because I like making websites with Wordpress. Your response was very helpful to me! :slight_smile:

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Glad it helped. I’m not as into tech but I do MOOCs in Spanish from time to time. Right now I’m doing the hieroglyphics MOOC on Coursera which is a serious course and a huge challenge (less so for the Spanish than the hieroglyphs!). I already completed the introductory Egiptología course by the same university (UAB in Barcelona), and there’s also a third one on the Valley of the Kings that I’ll have to do one day.