Is there a smooth way to report spammers?

I’ve got spam mails quite a few times here on LingQ, now most recently by the user named ‘baby20’. Is there a quick and easy way to report these spammers?

One way to do it is to email Support @ LingQ . com (without the spaces :)). We can also use the Support Forum. On the other hand, Support used to say that they would always catch spammers within a certain timespan and not to worry about it. I tend to report them, nevertheless. I don’t like having stuff like that on my wall.

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I got one too from this user baby20:

Greetings dear,my name is Angela please contact me through this email address so that i can give you my picture for you to know who i am ( ) am interested to make friend with you. Thanks. Yours Truly Friend, Angela.

Yeah, that’s the one I got, too.

That is what I do too and it works well. Inbetween a day the spammers are gone :slight_smile:

Account of the user baby20 has been deleted from our system. Thanks for letting us know!

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Yeah, I smoothly tell them to take their business else where. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well this spammer’s backside already has Zoran’s footprint, so too late.