Is there a possibility to get Premium plan?

Hello, just today I learned about the disaster. Very sympathize with all the families on the death of Gintaras Akulevicius. terrible news… I have a problem and no longer know what does. On July 17th I received from Gintaras offers to acquire planning Premium behind 97 litas year… I paid 97 litas, but still nothing I did not alter the plan, and I can continue to learn. Maybe anyone know where to go, what to ask?

@caskada - Please send us an email to support (at) and we will be able to help you out with this.

Hello, I also have a problem and don’t know that to do…I have paid 97 litas on July 18th for one year Premium, but still I did not get any information? Does anymore know what I have to do? I suppose caskada solved her problem? Alex, could you help me, please. I will send you all documentation I have. Thank you.

@Darius_Matuzas - As mentioned above, just send an email to LingQ Support (support [at] and we’ll be able to help you!

@kimojima - These are promotional memberships that are aimed at getting new people to the site. This may be relevant: Can't Upgrade My Account Using My Groupon Code - Language...

@kimojima - Sounds good :slight_smile: