Is there a place on the app to practice writing without requesting feedback?

Hi Folks, I am new to LingQ so apologies if this has already been answered. Is there a place on the app where I can enter my practice writing - preferably in each lesson - and not have it be submitted for correction? … something like a scratch pad for each lesson.

I am at very beginning stages of learning French and enjoy the exercise of trying to convert what I hear into text - even if it’s really bad spelling/grammar. So, I don’t want correction at this point.

I know that I could just do this in a text editor off to the side, but it would be nice to capture it and measure it (word count) on LingQ. Thanks.


You can always add word count manually. Writing exchange on LingQ is the only way for it to automatically count for you.

I personally do my writing elsewhere (using a tool that allows for German letters). Then I do word count with this site: Word Counter – Count Words & Improve Writing

Then I enter that count manually.


Actually, that could be a good feature to add. If they implemented something like DeepL write directly to LingQ, it could be great.