Is there a new version of mobile Lingq app?

In several videos I see Steve using the new version of the lingq app on his mobile and it looks awesome. I still have the old version and I would love to get the updated version. Is this avilable for ios yet?

Yes, we pushed the update yesterday. You should be able to update your app now. Enjoy! You can learn about the new app here LingQ iOS App Support - How to learn languages using LingQ for mobile.

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That’s Awesome! Thanks!

Did you push the update for Android also, or is that coming later. I just updated to 3.9.13 and it doesn’t look much different.

New Android app version (4.0) is still work in progress. But it will be worth the wait! :slight_smile:

I gave a try on an a currently actual Android version on a smartphone of my daughter some hours ago. It showed a hudge error messge, so I’ve removed it.

That seems strange. Our current Android version is quite stable and many users are happily using it. What was the error? Which device and android version?

Android 4.4.4 KTP84P
Xiaomi MI 3W
On trying to log in, I can see the “Could not log in” message with hudge XML code.

Hi Ress,
That seems to be an issue with the API and it occur on specific devices only, sorry about that! Our Android developer will look into that. In the meantime, can you please try to reinstall the app and check if maybe that will help?

Ermergersh it’s here!

Hi Ress,
Are you still unable to access your account on Xiaomi device?
Do you have Beta app version installed on it or regular production version?

Hi Zoran,
this Xiaomi device had no other LingQ apps. I just tried 3-4 times to install the actual version from PlayMarket.

Ress, please check an email I sent to you earlier today. We can try to set you up as beta tester and check if you’ll be able to use that version on your device.