Is there a keyboard shortcut for "Ignore word"?

See above.

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Yes, you can ignore words by tapping “X” on your keyboard.


There are many keyboard shortcuts that make the reading process smoother and that aren’t very known.

In this thread you find all of them.

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I thought I would have to wait until v. 6 for this important upgrade.

Who knew? A search for ‘keyboard shortcuts’ did not yield anything. Thank you.

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Works on a Mac, not iOS.

There are quite a few really useful keyboard shortcuts available on lesson pages, and some of them are not even completely explained under the “?” symbol in the bottom right corner, so I thought it would be useful to post a little reference guide here:
Left and Right arrow keys – move to the previous/next highlighted word
Shift+Left and Shift+Right – go to the previous/next page
b – jump to the next blue word

  • (plus) and - (minus) – increase or decrease font size
    Space – stop/play audio
    On any word (blue or yellow), you can do the following:
    k – mark the word as known
    x – “ignore”
    f – open the preferred dictionary
    s – play the automatically generated text-to-speech audio
    On a blue word:
    Up and Down arrow keys – move up or down in the list of hints and dictionaries
    Enter – create a lingq with the selected hint or open the selected dictionary
    e – like enter, but additionally opens a popup with the preferred dictionary
    h – creates a new (empty) lingq and focuses the “hint” text field
    (Shift+f – flags selected hint as wrong)
    On a yellow word (lingq):
    1, 2, 3, 4 – change the status of the word
    h – focus the text field with the hint
    t – add a tag
    Hope this helps :).
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