Is there a Beta Team working on building any Goidelic language?

Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Manx are all missing from the LingQ. Just wondering if anyone is building any of these already, and if so, how to help.



I believe a new language needs to have a set of high quality mini stories available. Would be great to see those languages on LingQ. If you have interest in populating the library/bringing a new language forward you can sign up to be a LingQ Librarian.


Thanks! Cool. I’ll do that.

Has anyone added a language they don’t themselves yet speak? Does anyone have any advice on that? I’d love to learn from those that have gone before me in endeavors like this.

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This is a good question, I’m not sure about it but we can ask @zoran to see if he knows a librarian that did that. It could be a good thing to have some feedback and support before to start.

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North is handling a new language project now. If you sign up as a Librarian, he will reach out to you and you can get more information on where we stand with each language.

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