Is there a 10 Words Limit for Automatic Translations?

I’ve noticed that LingQ is not able to automatically translate selected sentences for 10 words. Is that so?
(it works if I select 9 words)

Not sure of the exact length, but there is a length of about that much. Used to be in the app that you could go much longer, but in 5.0 it got limited down to the same as the web. I usually use sentence mode for this reason, at least on my first reading.

If you like the full text view typically, you can also click on a word in the sentence (to position for the next step), flip to sentence mode, get the full translation of the sentence and then flip back.

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Thanks Eric, that could be an alternative.

Could you test it as well to see if you have 10 words limit?

I use sentence mode only when I want to focus on sentences structure and grammar.

But if I’m not wrong, right now, when we switch from sentence mode and full text and then back again and again it’s going to heavily mess up the words read number?

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On the website it actually “warns” that you need to select just 9…“to create a phrase lingq, please select up to 9 words from the same sentence.” This is shown if I select 10.

On the android app, the limit actually appears to be 8. It appears to stop “updating” the lingq phrase after that point.

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It doesn’t give me any warning at all. Thanks for trying it. I don’t have any message.

It is appearing in the right hand pane…the one that shows all the vocabulary for the lesson, or the single word if you have a word selected. If you have the side pane minimized you might not see it.

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Oh, ok. I only have the pop-up now and I have minimized it. If I remember I’ll try tomorrow.

Yes, that’s not new and that limit exist for years. You can highlight and translate maximum 9 words at once.

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Ok, thanks. I never paid attention to it before. Is there any chance to make it a bit longer? Maybe around 12 words. A lot of sentences get cut with 9 words.

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Honestly, I don’t think that limit will be changed in the near future.

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Ok thanks. Eventually I would add the message in the pop-up windows as well. I always had the minimized panel and never saw the message.

I tried now after Eric told me and I saw the message about the 9 words limit on the right side.