Is the Spanish library still updated with content?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if the library of Spanish on lingq is still updated.

I turned the filter on to ‘most recent’ and it said the most recently uploaded course was from 2009.
It’s not like I’m hurting for content. There’s still so much I haven’t looked at there, and I import many things anyway.

Just wondering,


Unfortunately the LingQ Search algorythm stops after a certain number of finds. The LingQ stuff did this some years ago to improve the slowliness of the website. Since then it is impossible to look for (and find) the newest lessons in the library.

There are several new courses, Josu88 uploaded some lessons not long ago for example

Probably it helps to select one level only at once and to look for new lessons in this level.

Thanks for the info! It’s good to know there is still content out here