Is reading 30 mins to 1 hour of lingq efficient?

Will this be enough… this is all I am doing. I don’t do flash cards. Will the new words become automatic later.

It will be enough if you want to learn to read. If you want to be able to understand the language vocally for example then you need to listen too, etc.

I spent a lot of time reading on this site and have seen great gains there, but I spent less time listening so its hard for me to listen to things that I could easily understand by reading.

I agree with sgilpin80. However you don’t need to do all at once. I spent most of 2015 reading about as much as you do on LingQ and this helped me a lot with my reading skills. Then in late 2015 I began intensive listening practice and have been doing that up until recently, improving my listening skills considerably (but they’re still not good enough). I’ve spent five years learning Russian and now I can read the news and for the most part understand a video recipe on youtube without subtitles, but not the news on radio. Just don’t expect to become an expert in a short time, and if you want to take a year or two off the process you have to study a lot more daily than that. You can try to make sure you spend your otherwise passive time on listening, such as when doing the dishes, driving, or riding on the bus.

@robertgero - Absolutely, as you progress, you will see the words that matter multiple times in different contexts and will just pick them up naturally. Make sure to adjust the status of your LingQs over time as you know them better and eventually move them to Known (green check). As you read more and more, you will meet more and more words more frequently and your vocabulary will continue to grow. Hopefully, you are also listening to those same lessons away from the computer to help reinforce things.

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