Is "lose" more important than "win?"

In a dictionary of mine there are a lot of descriptions about the word “lose,” which occupies 217 square centimeters of space. The word “win” occupies only 85 square centimeters.

lose confidence/interest/hope etc
lose heart
lose face
lose weight /height/speed etc
lose your sight/hearing/voice/balance etc
lost consciousness
lose all sense of time/direction/proportion etc
lose sight of something
lose sight of the fact that…
lose something by 1 goal/10 votes/20 points etc
lost by a whisker
losing his battle against
lose somebody something
lose a chance/opportunity
lose something to somebody/something
lose an arm/leg/eye etc
lose your life
have nothing to lose but your pride/reputation etc
have a lot/too much to lose
there’s no time to lose
lose no time in doing something
lose your way
lose touch with somebody/something
lose your temper/cool/rag
lose your head
lose your mind
lose yourself in something
lose something in the translation/telling
. . .

Have I lost myself in reading dictionaries?

Not all is lost! Keep going and you’ll win through…

In most Hollywood movies it is the good guys who win through in the end. I don’t know if I am one of them.

Well, I think you can’t lose in any case, as our star in Tokyowood. Don’t lose faith.

Would it be possible to win if you couldn’t lose?

You are onto a winner there!

I just read the list above replacing the word “lose” with the word “win” in my mind. Boy was it hilarious and bizarre:

win consciousness
win an arm/leg/eye etc.
win touch with somebody (here “win” is probably a phonetic spelling of “We didn’t”)
win your mind


Sparky Anderson, a Major League baseball manager once said: “Losing hurts more than winning feels good.” Sad fact of life, that.



Thousands die to produce one hero in war.


Well, of course to lose has more than one antonym, there is also to gain and to find.

I like the idea of finding oneself in a good book.