Is Lingq your only source for language learning?

Is Lingq your only source for language learning? Do you recommend Lingq as your primary source for language learning?


In my case, nope. It should be combined in conjunction with some sort of passive consumption of media. For active study use lingQ , for example, reading texts and looking up words. Then, listening to the same texts repetitively. What I have observed over the course of months - using lingq really helps with your passive vocabulary and if you are consuming media in form of television series and listening to audiobooks - such vocabulary is reinforced in a different context. Sometimes “a picture is a worth of thousand words”. For example, If I come across “Auf gehts” in a lesson here and I look it up I understand the meaning of it “Let’s go”, however, when it is used in a television series - I can even see how it is used in a face to face conversation/visually. That really cements it at a subconscious level.


Great advice. Thanks!

It’s not my only source, but it is my primary source and I would recommend it as such. I believe there’s simply no better current way to acquire vocabulary and get a better understanding of the language overall. (when I discuss LingQ I’m only talking about the reading and listening of content…not SRS).

I agree with asad100101 that consumption of other material outside of LingQ is beneficial. Watching shows or movies, or documentaries where you can make visual and audio connections are helpful. As I’ve progressed, listening to podcasts and news programs without subtitles is more attainable than it was before, so I try to do this regularly even if I’m not understanding all of it. It makes it easier to distinguish the words and ideas, and not get super hung up on words that you’re slow to remember the meaning of.

I like using Learning Languages with Netflix browser plugin. It helps to watch movies and tv.

I like youtube content.

I’ve used Nico’s Weg for German learning ( a series of clips of one long “movie” that teaches you along the way).

I’ve used Memrise early on in my learning, before I knew LingQ. However, I think it could still be beneficial for learning a language in the beginning to get some of the basics down.

I subscribe to a German “learning” magazine - Deutsch Perfekt. It has articles at A2, B1 and B2-C2 level. I try to read it when I can. There are study questions and an exercise booklet too (if you subscribe to that). FYI, the same company produces a French learning magazine…Ecoute. Check it out. (this page is in german, but presumably everything in the magazine is in French. There should also be some online content for free, in French, although I was having difficulty finding. However, maybe there’s a similar magazine published in France.



I would say that its been the only I’ve been using for the past 4 years or so. But lately I have been been really enjoying using Anki!


I use a variety of resources and this anables me to pick up different words that I need. Currently, I use BeepBoop daily for my spanish. I take 4 30 minute lessons per day with a tutor. I also work full-time and am now covering classes for a teacher that is out sick so I have less mental energy to spend on LingQ. But I will find a better balnce in the next few weeks.

Normally I read real books for 30 minutes a day, work on LinqQ for about an hour, watch spanish tv, listen to music, work on story learning, review my golden list, and new vocabulary, but I have to plan for 6 different content areas, 3 grade levels, and a variety of special education accomidations this month until some changes are made at work. My language learning will not take a back seat but I will have to make some changes.


No. I prefer and I believe is more advantageous to use several resources in order to acquire a languaje. Why I did for English was listening to podcast, a bit of ling, assimil, Netflix (with the app that translates you), dowloand and start books, and talking with other people.

Is not that my English is the best, Nor that I did all the aforementioned in one day. I was changing depending how I felt in my journey an so far it has worked. (I expect that will happen with french as well).

Now, if you are a fan of Lingq you really like the way how it course, you definitely should use it as a main souce for languaje learning. But obviously, complementing with other stuff !

Greetings :D!


I use it as a supplement. French I have learned through immersion and formal courses, Italian and German ( had some formal courses), use in conjuction with Assimil.

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Totally forgot Assimil in my post. I used Assimil as well for both German and Spanish (still using). It is an awesome resource and one I’d recommend for anyone (if there is an appropriate one for their language). Of course, I also imported it for myself into LingQ so I get the best of both worlds =). I’d read the lesson and explanations in the book and then use LingQ to read and make lingqs. I would also import the audio and listen to each lesson on repeat each day.

No, I still really like to watch films and TV series in English, now I watch “Friends”


For now, it’s my primary source. But, I need to start taking action in order to progress in becoming fluent in French. The things I’ll list below are what I recommend doing. I’ll be implementing these in my daily routine.

  1. Studying grammar, while it is a tedious task, it’ll help you comprehend the language better.

  2. Finding native French speakers to talk with, formulate friendships with French speakers.

  3. Playing video games in the desired language.

  4. Spending more time in studying the language.

  5. Watching Youtube videos in French, especially videos that have teachers help with your French journey.

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It’s my secondary source but it has a different function. I’m using anki as my primary source to accumulate vocabulary. I’m using lingQ as my primary source for acquiring grammar but it’s my secondary tool in time spent. My third tool (tertiary?) is youtube/netflix for additional listening comprehension practice.

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I just did a six month challenge in French. For youtube I can recommend “alice ayel” at the beginner level, “innerfrench” at the intermediate level and squeezie/cyprien/solange te parle above that. Also “dix pour cent” is a very entertaining netflix show to watch (but it’s very slang heavy so I don’t recommend unless you’re at high intermediate).

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Good choice, you have lots of material there haha

Lingq is very helpful for me when learning languages. Aside from that, I also love reading blogs, including online casino blogs プレイするべきスロットのテーマ - 日本で最高のビットコインカジノ . I think they allow me to read how sentences are written in different languages. They are helpful for me.

In my case, the most important factor was the desire to learn how to draw)) I found a suitable article on drawing instructions Mandala drawing : Easy mandala art tutorial & Mandala art for beginners but it was in English. As a result, I found a lot of useful and interesting information about drawing, but also in English. Now I have been learning the language for more than a year, thanks to this h

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I am still planning to order a book “Mike and the Runaway Teet”

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