Is LINGQ making all the vocabulary recognition "Premium Features"?!

I have noticed that on a lot of the Korean lessons there are no English or other language vocabularies when you put your cursor over a word. It just says “Premium Feature”. I am assuming that you need to be a “premium member” to see it, and I was just wondering if everything was going to become as such?

It is the integration of LingQ with Google translate that is a premium feature since Google now charges us based on the the number of translations.

Hi there,

User Hints still work as normal, but if no users have saved that word before then there won’t be any user hints in the blue popup. The premium feature in this case is the integrated translation from Google Translate. This is only available to paying members.

As more users join and create LingQs, there will be more hints saved to the database and more hints will appear in the blue popups. :slight_smile: