Is LingQ down or is it just me?

Is this still a thing in 2024???


I can barely load pages


Mexican word of the day is Juarez.

Juarez your DevOps?


Last time something like that happened, it was resolved quickly

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i was in the middle of reading then it got stuck and can no longer open any lesson at the moment. I think it is time to call a day and then perhaps wake up a bit early in the morning to get my reading done.

it kills your mood for reading :blush:

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Sorry everyone! We have some unexpected issues and our team is looking into it. Things will be back to normal soon.



it is very frustrating to get some sort of reading done on LingQ. Every day I encounter a new problem to deal with. I mean yesterday the website was down. Now I have this issue of not going to the next lesson after completing a previous lesson. I keep clicking on this > but I am stuck. Ca n not move to the next lesson. Also when I click on “statistics” button which is available within the lesson, nothing happens.

Please fix this issue asap.

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I have the same issue with going to the next lesson, for me it just passes to the “intermediary/between the lessons page” quite slow, as in 2-3 minutes. So I just access next lesson from the course page or elsewhere.


We will look into it right away, thanks for reporting.

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