Is Korean Hard to Learn? It Has Been for Me! Here's Why… - Steve Kaufmann

I’ve learned 20 languages so far, and I usually enjoy the process. But Korean has been a real struggle for me. In this video, I explain why it’s been such a challenge and where I went wrong.


화이팅! Happy to see Steve persevering with Korean. The comprehensible input video that he found in our library by 태웅쌤 is really great. Hopefully I’ll be able to add other TPRS videos later this year when I have more time.

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To find interesting engaging content I highly recommend the app 윌라 for audiobooks (also It’s particularly great for Korean learners since:
① I believe Welaa/윌라 is owned by Influential, a Korean publishing company that translates a lot of English literature into Korean. Consequently it’s very easy to find books you already know translated into Korean.
② Welaa/윌라 hires professional voice actors and takes special care in using sound affects, i.e. rain falling, cat’s meowing, wind blowing, bombs falling etc. It’s not just one person reading a book for hours.

For someone just starting to listen to audiobooks I recommend 미드나잇 라이브러리 (Midnight Library) or something similar. The story is told in conversations mostly. The first chapter is even titled 비 오는 날의 대화. It’s much easier to understand than long descriptive paragraphs or analysis.

The ebook version of 미드나잇 라이브러리 and other Korean books are available for purchase on Google Play, which can be imported into LingQ after using Epubor, etc.

Welaa/윌라 only launched five years ago in 2018. They are still very actively growing and building up their library. I wish this company had been formed decades ago!