Is It Worth It?

Hi, I’ve been looking around here and it all seems nice. However, I’m wondering if it’s worth the money. I especially want to know for Latin, as it’s the language I need to work on the most. I’d also like to work on my Spanish and Japanese here, getting those from A2 and B1 levels (respectively) to fluency.

So, how is your long term retention? How is your listening comprehension? Do you find you can consume media, such as television, in your target language? How is LingQ for Latin? Do you think it’s worth the money?

I’ve got a birthday coming up in June, so if you think LingQ is good then I might be able to throw some money LingQ’s way, but if it’s not I obviously don’t want to waste it when I could use it on other, better things (do you know of better things? Other than Assimil).

You will find that people who stay with LingQ / pay for LingQ tend to like it The way we use it changes over time as our vocabulary and general competence grows. LingQ has been useful to so many of us. We found tutors who made us feel as if we could speak our chosen FL and who then helped us to really speak and/or write it.

As my Latin learning days are long gone, I cannot vouch for any specific content - but I do know that the providers are very keen students and seem to know a lot!

Someone else will be able to give you a better answer!