Is it possible to edit the kana reading for Japanese LingQs?


When importing a couple of lessons tonight I had instances where the kana readings for Japanese words was wrong. I have put the correct reading in the notes field. Is there a way to edit how the reading shows?

Examples: (see attached image)

何言っても良いんですか was given the reading of なにごとってもよいんですか, when it should be なにいってもいいんですか

大分 was given the reading of おおいた, which while not technically incorrect is the name of a place (大分県), and this word should be pronounced だいぶ in general use when it means “Considerably”



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I had another one of these tonight. 蠟燭 was given a reading of しょく, when it should have been ろうそく.




山梨–>山無し(no mountains)



The LingQ system is dependent on, or rather, sticks to, an “automatic” morphological analysis of words. I think that the only reliable way to get around the problem is to disregard completely furiguana as well as wakachigaki(separating words with spaces) in the LingQ lessons.
I am afraid that it is not possible to edit the kana reading for Japanese LingQs.

Ok, understood. Thanks.