Is it possible to download the audio from an entire course all at once

Hi there, is there a way I can download all lessons from a course at one go, rather than lesson by lesson?

I’d like to download the lessons for a simpler course to my smart phone so I can just listen to them straight through, without necessarily reading through the lessons unless I need to check a word. They are the German ‘Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch privat’ lessons that support the Anna’s Tagebuch course - so there are 60 of them).

Is there an option to somehow ‘download all lessons’? Thanks.

@debbielim - There is no option to download all the lessons at a time :slight_smile: but you can add the lessons to a playlist and then listen to one by one without opening.

Ok, thanks - was hoping for a shortcut but good to know :slight_smile:

How does one add the lessons to a playlist?

@Ginkgo58 - on the My Lessons page click dropdown menu next to the lesson and choose “add to playlist” => create a new one or choose existing. So you can add as many lessons as you want to have in your playlist. Then you can find all your playlists on My Lessons page, filter “Playlists”.

One could “subscribe” to the course via RSS and consume the feed with a receiver such as “Juice”, winamp, et cetera. One could also view the RSS feed with native Firefox browser and download with mouse-click.

It isn’t totally automatic but viewing via the RSS address will get you all of the audio download links on the same page (which is what you are probably aiming at for here anyway).

Note: Even though the tooltips on LingQ might display “iTunes” it technically is not narrowed to such software or devices.

Further: With the RSS feed address, Firefox, and an add-on (which will download any .mp3 link on a given page), you can meet the goal of “all at once”.

Lastly: View the entire course in a table rather than by column. See what that will get you and a Firefox add-on as mentioned.

I work with entire courses, some of which are quite large. I’m sure many others do as well. An option to download all mp3 files (maybe zipped up) in one go would be a great time-saver.

A zipped up archive of .mp3 defeats the purpose of “zipping”. Mpeg-3 are already compressed (zipped) forms of essentially “.wav” files.

One couldn’t package all into one .mp3 file either as there would be a loss of the .mp3 properties (title, album, artist, etc) of each “lesson”.

I see what you are getting at overall and it would be nice but, most likely, not practical in this environment.

@debbielim: I’ve already made a playlist from my courses. You can find them in the German library.

“A zipped up archive of .mp3 defeats the purpose of “zipping”. Mpeg-3 are already compressed (zipped) forms of essentially “.wav” files.”

I think the point is putting 20 files into one 1 file, not reducing the size of them.

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Yes that’s correct, thanks Paule; just forget the zip thing. I just want to be able to get a course of 50-100 lessons quickly into my iTunes library.

It is a long time since I used a playlist. I thought playlists were simply a collection of lessons that need to be opened separately. Can I actually play all the soundfiles sequentially?

When I wrote ‘sequentially’ I was meaning that I want to play them without having to start each one separately from my computer. I want to be able to listen while I am doing other things such as making a cup of tea, washing dishes or similar. Is this possible without downloading all the files separately?

Thanks everyone. Haven’t used playlists yet so I’ll give that a go :slight_smile: