Is it possible to disable the automatic word count system?

I have to admit that I don’t like the new word counting system. The other day I accumulated more than 30k words read when my average is only 12k and it is not that I have read the same lessons several times, it is that I may have returned to previous pages many times just to review LingQ’s. I liked the old system that counted the total words of a lesson once you had finished it.

The other day I read a lesson from start to finish, without pausing or going back, and the system counted it as 1.3 times read. How is that possible?

Please, you should implement an option to disable this counting system as it seems very imprecise to me. And having to manually adjust the times you read a lesson to 1x seems like more annoying and unnecessary clicks to the user. I think all the changes in the new version of LingQ are tolerable, but the number of read words as well as the number of known words is the most important thing for many LingQ users, myself included.


At the moment it’s not possible to disable it I am afraid. Honestly I don’t think that will ever be possible, but we are doing our best to make the counting system as perfect as possible.

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It will never be precise unless you come back to the previous method. I opened a lesson, went to make a coffee, came back and decided to read another lesson. Why was it assumed that I have read the page? Even 5 minutes spent on a page does not mean it was read.


Yeah this is too much to ask of AI really. I have this problem all the time lol.

Obviously you arent a developer but when one is reading on mobile every time i lock my screen or have to look something up on google (this can be a lot if one is a beginner) it will count the page being read. I have no idea how AI can assume one has read a page so without it functioning correctly its a lost cause if it can’t be toggled/untoggled please talk to them to make it toggleable someone else brought it to my attention that mark said it would/could be toggleable?

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Hi Zoran. I may have misread a post by Mark, but I thought he said they would add an option to turn off auto-counting.

I like the idea of the auto count…especially since many times Lingq puts one back a few sentences in sentence mode (I think back to the last Lingq’ed word you read, so sometime you end upreading a few sentences that wouldn’t have otherwise been counted. HOWEVER, I think it assumes too many things. If I flip back a few pages because I want to look at a word again, it may count those pages depending on how long I stayed on the page. Or a flow I like to do sometimes is jump from yellow word to yellow word to look at them in context, without reading the who full lesson over again to target words I’m still having trouble with. It may count those pages . Or maybe I just want to go back one page and concentrate on a sentence I was struggling with. If I take too long it’ll count the full page. The words read stat starts to become a little meaningless unless you really are reading straight through and then if you are, there’s no need for the auto-counter.

With the manual counters on the lesson we can decrement, but since it only does whole #'s, we can’t decrease by a percentage currently.

So far for myself it hasn’t done anything too far out there (I did have to decrement a full lesson), but I also have not been doing my normal hours of work on the language as I’ve been busy. I think if I was I’d be running into the issue a lot more like the others.

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Yes, we will look into adding an option and allow to disable auto-count for users who prefer so.


Thanks Zoran.

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