Is it possible to create a private copy of a pubic course (e.g. from LingQ Mini Stories)?

Is it possible to create a private copy of a pubic course (e.g. from LingQ Mini Stories)? This should allow me to change the already existing translations to literal (word by word) translations.
The benefit might not seem obvious to everybody but it could be huge for me at Beginner level, while learning a language which has a very different sentence structure from English (e.g. Korean).

You can’t create a private copy of a public course, that’s not possible. But you can always copy-paste a lesson text and create a new private lesson for yourself if you want.

Thank you for the quick answer and the suggested workaround.

If I try to copy-paste the text directly from the lesson, I seem to lose the spaces between the words. However, apparently I can copy the text via: … - Lesson Info - print. From there, I can copy-paste the text.
Am I missing a simpler method? (I was thinking about the area where lessons can be edited, but I couldn’t find a way to access this section with LingQ Mini Stories)

For Mandarin Chinese I managed to copy the chinese symbols but unfortunately not the Pinyin. How can I copy the Pinyin?

The following does not include further questions. It is only a clarification at what I am aiming at:

Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì <<< Pinyin
你 叫 什么 名字 ? <<< chinese symbols
You call what name <<< literal tranlation

The literal translation instantly lets me grasp the meaning of every chinese word. The proper English Tranlation (“What is your name”) does not provide that. There is no 'is" in the chinese sentence and the word order is different.
Furtheremore the literal translation instantly gives me a sense how the grammar & sentence structure works in the target language.
Therefore I would like to use this crutch to read + understand texts, in the form of comprehensive input - already at beginer level.
Creating the literal translation myself seems to be worth the extra work for me when I plan to read+listen a text 30+ times.

Exactly, you need to copy-paste from the Print Lesson view.
At the moment, it’s not possible to copy the Pinyin.

O.K., thanks. I guess this is not a high priority for LingQ developers. It would still be nice if this issue would find its way on a list of future updates.

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