Is it possible to correct improperly parsed words?

Studying Chinese and this kind of thing happens often enough to warrant asking. Many times, especially involving proper nouns, compound words are created improperly and I haven’t found a way to create lingqs with the proper combination of characters.

Importing “上天创造了四个大洲,东大洲、西大洲、南大洲和北大洲.” the first three continents were correctly parsed, but the last three characters wound up parsed as 北大 洲. Because the first two characters are locked in as a “word”, LingQ won’t let me simply select just the first character nor the last two.

Is there a way to deal with this that I simply haven’t discovered yet?


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You can either click “Edit Sentence” when in sentence mode or open the full editor “Edit Lesson”. There, you can remove or add spaces between the characters to get the desired word splitting - LingQ uses spaces to indicate word boundaries.

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I’ll try this! Very helpful, thank you!

Confirming that worked, which is obviously no surprise to you! :slight_smile:

Along the same lines, sometimes the translations get misaligned with the sentences in sentence view. It gets to be a pain to regenerate them for each sentence, and the accidental peek at the next sentence(s) prevents a clean attempt at understanding the sentence on my own.

Any suggestions?

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve had that problem. Does this happen when you initially generate a new translation in sentence mode, i.e. clicking “Show Translate” gives you a translation for a different sentence? That sounds like a bug.
Or do you mean that a translation stays around after you edited the content of a sentence? In that case there should be a “circle arrow” button in sentence mode after clicking “Show translation” which should regenerate the translation if the text was changed.
There is also the option to use ChatGPT to translate the entire lesson under “Edit Lesson” → “Translations” (at the left) → “Generate Full Translation (AI)”. For me these translations are typically incomplete but pretty good. This feature will also override any previous translations.

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As bamboozled said, that sounds like a bug. Could you tell us which lesson(s) you found this issue in?

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What happens is I’m going along sentence by sentence, reading and guessing, then using the “Show Translation” to confirm/correct my understanding. At some point, the translation no longer matches the sentence. Instead, it comes from a future sentence, usually the next one. Clicking the circle/arrow thing twice generates a correct translation, but every sentence after that is wrong.

Regenerating the lesson can sometimes fix this, and sometimes it just fixes itself. I haven’t found a consistent way to make it work.

I have noticed that it sometimes happens when sentence view breaks at a comma in the middle of the sentence but the translation keeps going to the period at the end. From that point forward, it is misaligned until it somehow re-aligns itself.