Is it possible to correct a translation?

I’m not seeing a way to correct a wrong translation, or suggest a correction. Is there a way to do this? For example, in the chinese lesson I’m studying, it shows the sentence translation of “我 是 加拿大 人 , 会 说 一点 汉语 。” as “I am a student, 14 years old this year, and I am in the ninth grade.” - it’s actually about a Canadian who speaks a little Chinese.

Is there any way to correct this or suggest a correction? If not, can I make a note in my account somewhere with the correct translation? (I’m new to lingq - I think there’s a way to attach notes to a lesson, but I’m not seeing that either at this point.)


Since you are Premium member, you can use Edit Lesson option under the lessons menu to fix errors you notice in text and translations. You can edit translations under the Clips tab on the Edit Lesson page.