Is it possible to add vocabulary resources?

Something I perceive and dislike a lot but have been for a long time ignoring, instead of ever talking about it for some reason, is the fact that some languages have very few available shortcuts for online vocabularies. Damn, some languages that are very few studied, such as Armenian or Swahili for instance, only even have “Google Translate” as a vocabulary source, and this isn’t helpful at all.
I’ve tried searching for some option of manually adding a vocabulary source, but it seems that there’s none. It’s very empty. I only use LingQ on cellphone, and I see that it lacks some setting options, I am able to access LingQ on PC but even there I found nothing.
Of course such languages may have less resources on internet in general, but still, it isn’t as if there doesn’t exist any online vocabulary for them.
Shouldn’t we be able to add any vocabulary shortcut we want, not only due to preference, but because sometimes it isn’t even possible to study with only Google translate as a resource?

And If there isn’t indeed an option, that would be a request.

We are looking into adding more dictionary sources for both languages and should be taken care of soon.

Isn’t there however any possibility to add the dictionaries ourselves? Since it’s basically just a shortcut