Is it possible to add dictionaries?

I am wondering if there is any way to add new dictionaries, other than the ones which are already included within lingQ.

For instance, for Brazilian Portuguese I have found an excellent online dictionary called ‘Diçionario Informal’ which is by far the most complete dictionary I have found online. Whenever there is a word for which I cannot find a definition in the other dictionaries (Babylon, Linguee, Google Translate, User Hints, …) I am almost always certain to find it in this dictionary.

The ‘Diçionario Informal’ is available at

The big advantage of this particular dictionary is that it includes all the the colloquial words, slang words and abbreviated words so often used in everyday conversation (e.g., in films).

For now I can get buy to jumping back to a different tab in my browser, but it would be really convenient to have this available by default within the lingQ dictionary popup.

@pcolag - If you have any dictionaries you’d like added to the site just let us know! We’ll look at adding this dictionary in the next day or two.

@pcolag - This dictionary should now be available :slight_smile:

@alex - I tried it out and it works great. Much appreciated. Happy holidays to you!

Is it possible to add the spanishdict on the website? Because I did not find it here. It was on the iPad though version of lingq though

SpanishDict is already available at LingQ for both Eng-Spa and Spa-Eng combinations. Search for SpanishDict (popup) dictionary on the list.

ok I found it!