Is it possible to add an unsupported language in an unused language slot

Currently the Celtic languages aren’t supported, and so far I’ve uploaded my own lesson but I can’t get any dictionary to work. Is it possible to add custom dictionaries like Dictionary and Language Library ?

Or maybe it would be possible to add a slot for other languages or create a third category for languages that neither are fully supported nor have enough (or any) content to become a beta language? That way you could use LingQ for far more languages and maybe it would lead to more content as well.


Sure, you can use an existing slot to study an unsupported language to help track your vocabulary and learning progress. With this you will have to use a dictionary in another window/tab.
That means that you should open a language which you do not have plan to study in future, but it’s available at LingQ, and you can import lessons in language you want to study under that language to study them. Just make sure to keep these lessons private, because we don’t want other users to see lessons in wrong language. That way, you will learn desired language and track your progress with LingQ tools.

Agreed. I barely use the content on lingq I pretty much only learn from song lyrics. It’s a bit of a pain to import those especially with translation but way better than anything I can think of.
So I import everything semi manually. (not manual because having everything in quick imports navigates way quicker)