Is it possible to access lingq from China?

HI, I hope you guys are doing well.

I was wondering if it’s possible to access from China as I am staying there for a month.

Thank you in advance.

It says this thread has 2 posts, but what I can see here is only mine. ;(

I’ve seen Chinese people use Lingq before, but I don’t know if they were in an SAR like Hong Kong or not.

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Yes. I’m in Shanghai and have been using Lingq without a problem. Although, I often have a VPN running, but without it Lingq still works fine.

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Oh, thank you! then I just hope that there are some fresh air to breathe!

Yeah… uh… not so much lately.

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I never had any difficulties accessing LingQ whilst I was in China for six weeks over the summer. I never had to use a proxy. So it should be fine :slight_smile:

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@LFJ Thank you for giving me information!
@davidmachin Oh! Thank you! I suppose I would be able to deal with all the proxy issues, as long as I can download google chrome in China. Cuz I don’t bring my labtop this time so…I worry about it. Although, I will rent a one there.