Is it possible LINGQ iphone app on ANDROID?

Hi, ive been trying to use the lingq application on my samsung galaxy s2 but the app for android doesnt work well, doesnt reproduce the sound of many podcasts and neither the sound of the single words in the flashcard. I have the iphone version on my ipad and it works perfectly, wanted to ask if is there some way to install the same app for iphone in my samsung android.Thank you!

Its really a pity the lingq doesnt work good on the samsung galaxy s2, im really considering to spend more money and buy an iphone just because of that

@Josu88 - That’s too bad you are having so much trouble with the Android app. I’m not sure why since many others are happily using this app. We do continue to update the apps all the time so you shouldn’t have to get a new phone. Is the Galaxy s2 a new phone? Any information you can provide to us about the problems you are having will help us reproduce the issues so we can fix them. Thanks.

@Josu88 - We should be releasing a new version that includes a fix for text-to-speech in certain languages. Would you be able to describe the issues in more detail so we may have a better idea of what exactly is happening?

What you may want to try is deleting then reinstalling the app, as this may help with any issues you are experiencing.

Hi, the samsung galaxy 2 plus was a new phone, i tried to reinstall the application many times but it was always the same problems, so i changed in the shop for the Iphone 4 because of that… And now the LINGQapp on iphone it works perfectly, not only works better and faster but the quality of image is more fluid which it makes it easier to study on it.

Here are the problems i had on android so you can try to fix it:

  1. when i push the play button to listen the poscast many times would would show me the message NETWORK LOST even if i was on internet.
  2. in the cards, usually there is a button to listen a robotic voice speaking the word, that didnt work when i was online, in the iphone does.

So thats all. I think it was worth to change the phone: now im learning much faster ussing lingqapp on the iphone everywhere :slight_smile:

@Josu88 - We do have a fix for the text-to-speech issue that will be released in the new version. For the “network lost” issue, did this also appear when connected to wifi or only while on 3G?

By the way, it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the app!

It appeared while conected to wifi.

@Josu88 - OK, and was this happening for every lesson or only for certain lessons?

Just on certain lessons, dont jknow why.

@Josu88 - I see. If you could identify which lessons in particular caused this issue we might have a better chance of reproducing and fixing it.

Sorry i do not remember, it was about 25% of my lessons that wouldnt reproduce the sound on Android.

@Josu88 - OK, we will try to keep an eye out for lessons that aren’t loading audio properly.

If anyone else has this same issue please let us know!