Is it okay to keep going back to beginner lessons to try and remember words?

I don’t know if I can do this but I keep going back to beginner lessons because I feel like I might forget words and phrases. It can be really frustrating, it’s a vicious cycle. I know I’m not a beginner in french. I have improved and I know lots of sentences. I just worry. I don’t want to forget words. I like to go on youtube and watch french lessons and write down words or make my own sentences. I feel like I’m stuck. I want to reach a higher intermediate level in french. Sorry if I sound stupid.

Not stupid at all.

Are you using the LingQ system? And by that I mean turning the words and phrases into flash cards.

Also, to progress to intermediate level it is nesecary to immerse yourself in the language. Listen to french radio over the Internet while you walk about the house. Download LingQ podcasts and listen to them while driving or walking. Also, since you are into youtube, might I recommend ‘MrAntoineDaniel, Cyprien, and Normanfaitdesvideos.’

Don’t worry when you don’t understand it - it’s not about that. Baby’s do over a year of listening before any kind of language makes its way out of their mouths.


I am using lingq for reading and listening. I download the french audio and I listen to them over and over again. I also watch a comedy programme but I forgot what it was called. I’ll check those people on youtube. Thank you for your help. You are right about immersing myself. I expect myself to be good. Even french people expect me not to make mistakes.

A useful linguist on YouTube to get some ideas from is ProfASAr

He reviews a lot of didactic approaches and materials.


@creimann thank you :slight_smile:

@happycheeks: I have found worrying about forgetting the greatest obstacle to remembering. If you can manage to relax and enjoy your learning process (including the inevitable mental blanks most of us experience from time to time), remembering gets so much easier. If I remember rightly, Steve somewhere compares language learning as temporarily walking through fog which suddenly lifts…

Luckily, there is no ‘language police’ preventing you from revisiting old texts or starting something completely new.


As Japanese, here is my comment.
I have been learning English for more than 30 years, but I sometimes go back to beginner level lessons in order to improve my active words skills. Someone says that even TOEIC perfect score holders still go back to beginner lessons for their speaking abilities.

Actually, I listened to beginner lessons this morning. Of course, I know every word, I can translate the texts into Japanese, but the problem is that I can not speak out using the simple words or the expressions automatically, without thinking…


@sanneT - Thank you for your advice. I’m such a worrier, it’s normal for me to be worried. I will try to ways to relax.

@shigeharu - I’m sorry if I haven’t responded. I don’t know what to say. I guess I’m not the only one who goes back to the beginner stuff to refresh my memory. I didn’t study french for a month or two so that’s why.