Is it normal for LingQ to get really laggy with lessons longer than 5 minutes?

I’ve noticed that the optimal length of lessons for a lag-free experience is about five minutes. Anything longer than that and the reader starts getting really unresponsive. At ten minutes, I start getting 2-3 seconds of wait time between clicking a word and getting an explanation, which gets really annoying in the long run. And it’s not cause I’m running this on a potato either. My PC can run Cyberpunk 2077 just fine, but LingQ is too beefy apparently!

I can get around this by just importing shorter lessons, but it’s inconvenient so I thought it would be worth asking here whether this is normal and if there is a fix?

I’ve observed that to maintain a smooth experience without any lag, it’s essential to keep the lessons relatively short, around five minutes or so. When the lesson exceeds this duration, readers tend to become unresponsive. Personally, I’ve encountered a delay of 2-3 seconds between clicking a word and receiving an explanation when the lesson extends to ten minutes. This delay can become quite irritating over time. Surprisingly, it’s not due to my computer’s capabilities; my PC handles games like Cyberpunk 2077 without a hitch, but for some reason, LingQ seems to be quite demanding!

I’ve found a workaround by importing shorter lessons, although this solution is not very convenient. I’m wondering if this is a common issue and if there’s a potential fix for it. Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I had the same problem, but a bit worse in terms of delay, because I import entire books at a time, lessons are as long as they can get, about 6k words. Erasing cache, or having only one tab open didn’t help. I used Google Chrome for lingQ before. I switched to Opera and my problem miraculously vanished. So I suggest trying different browsers, because switching from laptop to a gaming pc didn’t work for me.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a try!

I use the first online software/tool linked in this previous discussion:

If I can, I avoid longer lessons also for other technical reasons.

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Yes, there is a problem with longer lessons. That is something we are constantly working on improving.


So I tried out some different browsers and weirdly Opera didn’t make it any better for me. Instead it was Firefox that fixed the problem, so I’m gonna be using that for LingQ in the future.