Is it just me, or why do I only get OLD news as recommendations (2020 / 21)?

As the title says, when I go through the library to find some interesting content (no matter the language) all I get is old stuff. Like really old news. Even the trending topics seem to fall into that category, and I seem unable to find things from after 2021. Do I have to change the settings? Is this intentional due to some weird copyright law, or what is going on?
Especially in languages where I have a good level like Russian or Portuguese I would love to see some up-to-date resources to know what’s going on in the country or in the world. I would love to stay informed this way, saving time, instead of reading the German or English news and be able to talk about these things with my exchange partners.

Any ideas how to achieve this? (If I need to look for content myself, I feel like I will be lost, as one of the beauties of LingQ for me is the curated content and its suggestions- I am horrible at searching for things myself)