Well, that’s sort of a part of life, Vonk. We don’t have perfect foresight. Therefore, we go with what is best, based on our own knowledge. This is why it’s important to be a reflective human being, in my opinion.

I’ve read extensively about the development of early Christianity and it’s rather interesting and enlightening. Sorry, but the New Testament is one of the worst sources of actually becoming more educated on this topic. Of course, it’s essential reading material, but it’s not very revealing nor accurate.

I’m not sure where slavery came up. Grasping at random topics because you seek to avoid a response to what I said? I’m ok with that, but admit it at least.

Well, the trouble is that the NT only gives us one, albeit conflicting and inconsistent, version of early Christianity. Or, to be more accurate, an early form of Christianity which has been modified and selectively shown by the ideas of later forms of Christianity.

Fair enough, I did mention Slavery. Wasn’t really getting into a discussion about it specifically, but fair enough. Slavery is happening a lot, indeed, and the most common victims now are women and children.


You make a good point: I believe that organised forms of “Christianity” were generally very wide of the original message - a state of affairs which still persists to this day in many places.

This is why I find it silly when some people point to bloody and violent acts carried out by (for example) the Roman Catholic Church at various stages in its history, and say: ‘ooh look what these horrible Christians did’. There have been some horrors all right - such as events during the early Spanish colonial era in South America. But as a rule it wasn’t done by people who were remotely “Christian” in the sense of the early literature…

Well, you’re correct in a way but incorrect in others.

In early Christianity, there were thousands of different beliefs. One could say ‘denominations’ although that’s a later concept, of course. Some of those were very peaceful and, unfortunately, some were not. As they say ‘the winners write history’. This is particularly the case of early Christianity.

An interesting character in the early time of the religion was Origen. He is celebrated as one of the early church fathers but was later ‘excommunicated’ for his teachings, even thought his beliefs were quite in line with many forms in that early period.

I find it all to be a very interesting topic and I wish that Christians and non-Christians alike knew more about it because the ramifications of what we have discovered about it are actually rather important.

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