Is it correct that "known" words are excluded from export?

Hi all,
I’m very new to LingQ and am wondering if it’s still the case that “known” words are excluded from exporting? I read an old post that mentioned that they are excluded (hence some people only mark words as level 4).

As I’m starting out I want to make sure that I set myself up to be as future proof as possible. Also when exporting words, can you also export your level for each word? I see the .csv is “just” a list of words.


Words will level 4 (or checkmarked) can also be exported. At the moment, word level doesn’t show up in the exported file.

I don’t think “checked” (aka known words area exported). I have 789 known words and 263 words in my Vocab list. When I did an export to .csv there were 266 lines in the excel file - so almost the same as the number of words in my vocab list - which excludes known words

@LingualLizard it seems like in lingq there are words actively marked as known which are exportable and listed on this page:

{url of lingq}/en/learn/{target language code}/web/library/vocabulary/all

You can see them listed on that page if you use the filter.

But it seems like these words actively marked as known by you are not the same as the words that lingq has automatically marked as read which probably make up the bulk of most people’s known word count??

Hey @jamespratt yeah you seem 100% right … I personally didn’t make the distinction between what I marked as “known” and what you refer to as “read”. Unfortunately what I’m doing now is marking all of my known words as level 4, just so that I can export them. Quite a disappointing experience, just having started out.

EDIT: Now thinking about it, I guess the better approach would be to mark all my known words manually to “known” so that they show up in the export. Sad that the “auto” marking of words as “known” skips this

I just had a look at what is happening via the API and it’s quite weird / interesting:

  • Level 4 words: "status":3 and "extended_status":null
  • Known words: "status":3 and "extended_status":3
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Please note that words you mark as known directly in a lesson aren’t added to your Vocabulary. Only LingQs created (yellow words) are listed there and will remain listed even if they reach status 4 and became known.

Thanks @zoran – I saw that mentioned somewhere, so from now on I’ll be marking all my words as level 4 rather than known. This is unfortunate as I’d like to use the functionality of marking things as known on paging, but I also want to be able to export all of my known words