Is It Better one Deck for Each Language (Flashcards)?

For the people that use ANKI or similar, what do you prefer, one separate deck for each language or all languages together in one deck only and maybe using tags to differentiate?

Does it really make a difference in the long run?

In my experience, have one master deck and all your actual decks under it.

Allows you to have the best of both worlds: go for the big interleaving/all mixed up experience when you feel like it (allegedly cognitively optimal), or go for the more thematic, sub-deck after sub-deck study on those days when it is more tempting.

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Thanks, I forgot at that option. So you can drill using the master deck and you’ll have all the languages mixed up together.

Are tags useful for languages?

Not using tags, as I do not use custom study sessions with filtered desks, but maybe I missed something useful.

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