Is it a good offer?

Please not that this position attracts a monthly allowance of 1500GBP - 3500GBP

and other benefits which includes accommodations (furnished) with an internet ready computer,

a vehicle at your disposal if you can operate on UK roads

Dear Britons, is it a good offer for GB, what do you think?

In view of the benefits, It would be a reasonable offer even if you would not reach the top salary. I’d like a job like that, my pension needs a boost.

True Russian patriot that I am, I should stay here. That’s a pity. Is my syntax correct?

Your syntax, yes. Your logic??? Aren’t patriots allowed to live elsewhere?

The logic is Russian-specific, it is sort of tongue-in-cheek. It’s difficult to explain, the meaning may be opposite depending on the author’s mood.

Well. I’d apply for it.

The money seems fine to me, but I don’t know how rich you are in the first place.

Britain will probably seem pretty rough and horrible if you are used to Russia, but you should not be deterred.
Fortune favours the brave!
You have a penchant for gag-cracking and this will help you to make friends, if you come:)
Good luck:)

I am 51 now, so I better stay home.

I had imagined you being a boy. Your picture is vague :slight_smile:

Damn all the photos! My spirit is young.

Damn the photos. It is me who is 51, not you ( my picture was taken about 4 years ago) . I agree about your spirit, and would bet you are much younger than you pretend. Or else I do not understand a sheet.

and a shit