Is ipad air more convenient to use lingq than laptop?

Is ipad air more convenient to use lingq than laptop?

iPad does not have a shift key. You cannot use “shift and enter” to return the carriage without posting a message.

Yes and no. There is an app for iOS, so you should give it a try. I don’t use it on my iPad though. I read longer texts on the iPad with LingQ, but I prefer to create the LingQs first using my laptop and then read on the website using the iPad. It is pretty good.

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For me, a laptop is easier for making linqgs. iPhone or iPad is great for reading and reviewing on the go.

I do something similar to this, though why do you read stuff on your iPad through the website and not the app? The reason I still use my laptop for my first read is that is that you can’t create lingQs for phrases (i.e. multiple words) on the iPad.

The app is too tedious. It takes forever to load and it crashes constantly. When reading a long text, if I want to change the status of a LingQ, half of the time, all of the words disappear from the screen for a second or two before reappearing (assuming the app doesn’t crash). Also, it is very difficult to enjoy reading when every time I want to look at the hint for a word, a bar comes from the right side of the screen and covers half the text. The website is better in all of these respects, at least according to my preferences. I prefer the old version of the app.

Fair enough. I don’t have the same issues with the app crashing, and I guess I a used to the way the hint is displayed now.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that when holding the iPad in landscape mode, we are forced to look at a list of lessons on the left side of the screen (for some reason). The text that we are trying to read is apparently so unimportant that at times, it only gets given one third of the screen.


I prefer using a tablet for most of the activities. It’s perfect for reading in bed. And in case you are wondering what kind to order, make sure you consider android tablets too, not just overpriced ipads :slight_smile:

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Using an external keyboard with an iPad doesn’t work so well - keys 1-4 and arrow keys don’t work at all. It’s an issue with the browser I guess, not LingQ.

that’s true: I prefer to hold my iPad sideways, too - & would love an option to close that lesson list panel