Is Hebrew audio ever going to work on LingQ?

I know this probably isn’t a big priority, but I’m curious whether LingQ is still looking into getting TTS working for Hebrew? I know it isn’t offered by Google Translate, but as people have pointed out here, it is offered by Bing Translate. Could that be used?

If there are no plans to offer this in the near future, please let me know, so I’ll stop hoping for it. :slight_smile:


Here is the link describing the Bing API for TTS:

Hi Gregf

I dont wanna act as a smart guy, i still owe you about Homer :slight_smile: - maybe u remember - but you can do something else. If you are using chrome -ihavent checked for mozilla-
I use this application

I select the word(s) and determine shortcut keys and this extension reads aloud for u. If you dont select it will read the beginning to end. Unfortunately, u will have one option, Google Translate Hebrew.

Thanks for your comments! I’m glad someone responded. :slight_smile:

I actually use Forvo to hear Hebrew words and it works pretty well, but TTS on LingQ works so much better. I like to be able to click on a word and hear it twice (once when I click on it and then again when I create the lingq). It’s a good way to work through vocabulary.

My hope is that this thread title will be annoying enough for my good friends who work at LingQ to get them moving on it. :slight_smile:

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