Is german a difficult language

I was wondering for people who speak german how difficult is this language? it looks so difficult

The foreign languages that I speak are English, Italian, Spanish and German and I consider German the most difficult of them, however I am sure that are a lot of more difficult ones and if you work consistently you will be able to get a good command of the language. Additionaly please note that language difficulty is relative and what is difficult to me doesn’t necessairly need to be difficult to someone else, so you should not get discouradged!

Best regards.

Not really difficult. It is like an interesting game because it is highly logical. But I agree on surface it does look difficult.


If you don’t want to read an ‘interesting article’ from the internet in 2-3 weeks since you start, if you are patient and really interested in the language, German will not be too difficult to you.
But this language has 4 cases and you must get accustomed to it.