Is Georgian coming any time soon?

I am just curious to know if Georgian is still going to be released? I only ask because I look forward to actively learning it this year. If you would like to learn too search up “Georgian Language Learning Discord Server” as we have quite a few natives and even more learners of this beautiful language.

Thank you!

Hello! We discussed about this on other thread with same subject a few days ago. Georgian content is ready and it’s in process of being added. It’s up on our developers to decide when is perfect moment to launch it, but should be really soon. In any case, Georgian is next language in line to be added.


When will Hungarian mini stories 31-60 be added?

Will add them too soon!

I’m Georgian native, but I don’t know how can I help you . provide me please.


You can contact Zoran who is responsible for the organization of this project.