Is dictation free

Sorry but I am a bit confused, I started to work on my vocabulary and stumbled upon dictation.

I already tried it out but I do not have any points and no intention in buying them yet, so I wondered if dictation can be used for free or is there a fee in points to pay?

@Safran - You must upgrade your account to Basic, Plus or Premium in order to use Dictation. You can upgrade on the Account page

Yes I know that thank you, I am already a Basic member.

I was referring to the correction. Do I need points in order to pay for the dictation correction?

@Safran - Just click the Dictation button on the Vocabulary page and give it a try. Enter an answer and the system will tell you immediately whether it’s correct or not. No need for a tutor to correct you :slight_smile:

I already tried it out, and noticed, that I did not need a tutor.

I was just referring to the point system, I wanted to know if in order to use the dictation I had to pay points?

Points are used for conversations with tutors and for submitting writing for correction. Head on over to the Points Help to find out all about points: Points FAQ

ok as I don’t need a tutor for dictation I figure it’s free.

A simple yes or no would suffice :wink:

Sorry some things can be a little confusing if you are new

@Safran: For a basic member, Dictation is completely free. It requires no tutors, and it requires no points.

And you did not ask this, but I’ll tell you anyway. Dictation and Cloze exercises are two of the best things about LingQ. My opinion.

@donhamiltontx =: Please, how I use dictation. I beginner and I don´t know. Thanks.


To Use Dictation:

(This is as thorough as I can make it for a beginner, but I am afraid that it might confuse you.)

Go to Learn near the top of the LingQ page (alongside Friends, Teach, and Tasks)
Go to Vocabulary in the dropdown box (from the choices of Library, My Lessons, My Imports, Vocabulary)
Then you will see Dictation (along with Cards, Cloze and Multiple Choice)

You can choose the Status and the Lessons of the terms you want to hear.

Choose the Status or statuses you want to hear.
The default is all statuses (1, 2, 3 and 4).
Clicking on a status number -removes- all words of that status from your list.
You can also choose to listen only to phrases by clicking on ‘Show Phrases Only’

Lessons (also on the right of the screen).
The default is all lessons.
To choose one lesson, open the dropbox and left click the lesson you want.
Note that you can choose only All Lessons or just one lesson. You cannot choose more than one lesson.

Once you have chosen the kind of words and phrases you want to hear, click on Launch on the Dictation box near the top of the screen.

A dialog box will open.
Click on the center of the box on the radio button that says “Play audio” to hear the first word.
You can play the word as often as you like.
Once you think you know the word, type it in the slot that says “Enter term here” and click Submit.

A new box will appear, showing the correct dictated word, its definition and its sample sentence.
If your entry was correct, it will appear near the top of the box with a checkmark beside it.
If your entry was incorrect, your own wrong answer will appear at the top of the box with an orange (or maybe red) x beside it.

Click ‘next’ to go to the next word.

Continue the lesson to its end. If you want to quit before the end, click on the little x in the upper right corner of the box.

Some of the actions you perform can be done via the keyboard. Hover your mouse over the ‘View keyboard shortcuts’ notice in the bottom right corner to see them.