Is Black Friday 10% off coupon working?

I have a billing issue that I don’t understand. I registered at the end of September and was on a monthly plan, because I wanted to try LingQ. Now I want to switch to annual billing. Last week, when I opened LingQ Android app, I got a Black Friday offer for additional 10% off for annual plan. I clicked it, it opened LingQ website in my phone’s browser, and I got a payment page with coupon applied. Annual billing was listed as $97. I paid with my PayPal and saw a message that payment was accepted.

However, my PayPal account was not charged. Now when I go to my LingQ billing settings, I see a message that my account will be switched to annual billing on November 28, and the price listed there is a regular annual price, $107. Presumably my PayPal will be charged as soon as my previous monthly subscription expires. But why $107?

I’d written the coupon down earlier, so now I tried to apply it manually in my billing settings, but got a message “Coupon not valid”. What does it all mean? Was the coupon not applied correctly? Did something go wrong? Will I be charged $97 or $107?

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Hi Yulia,
No worries, your account has switched to annual membership now and you got charged with the discount code included - $97.09. All good!

Sorry, I’ve just realized that I never replied to this thread! Everything is good, my account was charged with the discount, and I’m a happy annual LingQ user. :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!

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