Is 5.0 still a thing?

Is 5.0 actually coming at some point? It seems like nobody is talking about it anymore. I would like to once more put forward the suggestion to just release the new languages onto the current Lingq version which is serving its purpose perfectly fine. I have seen Maltese somewhere on the list there and would be very excited about that. I don’t think anybody here cares about a software update as much as about the languages and the actual content. Please don’t hold back already created content just because you want to complete a software update, especially if that update takes years. Please, we are language learners. Give us languages.


Yeah, Beta version of the app (iOS and Android) are already being tested for a few weeks and web beta will soon be available for testing too. We are getting closer to have it officially released.

At the moment, can’t promise anything on new languages, but at some point, we will definitely continue adding them.

Just go somewhere else to learn your language. They currently have zero incentive to actually do anything since you guys continue to pay your monthly subscriptions just accepting that they will continue to put off added what you want. (new languages)