Is 20 words enough to juge the value of the apps?

I decided to try lingq to see if it was for me. Right now I’m using Busuu for classes but I wanted something to complement it and add vocabulary quicker. However with Lingq I hit the 20 words cap before the end of the first lesson. It’s kind of hard at this point to really see if the application would work for what I’m trying to achieve.


They should definitely increase that limit, or offer a full week for free.

They’ve been talking about increasing the free plan for years, but it’s never happened.


Yes, the limit is ridiculously low. It’s a bit of shooting yourself in the foot (by LingQ) but what can you do. If there are any polyglots you follow and trust it’s likely that they’ve reviewed LingQ, so I’d check that out. Best if they’re unaffiliated.


The free version is unusable. Just sign up for a month and try it out. Since you can always just end the subscription, it is risk-free.


If you email support they can bump to 100. But no, 20 words is not enough. Not sure 100 really is either. I signed up for a month to evaluate fully when I first found LingQ and use it to this day.


They definitely should increase the word limit, or even just make the limit 5 lessons or something. It is way to little to judge LingQ’s quality.

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I actually learned about LingQ from watching Steve’s youtube videos, and he was the first guy who explained his method and his mentality for language learning where I thought “…I can do that.” The twenty words was enough for me to confirm it was what I thought it was, but I was already familiar with it from youtube.

LingQ has been great for me, and I agree with the below comments to sign up for a week or a month or whatever and give it a shot. There are a ton of us who pay the annual subscription or got lifetime access to the language we want to learn, so we clearly believe in the method or we wouldn’t be using it.


I do believe in the dim and distant past that the limit was 100 Lingqs