Irritating bug in the new Android update

I can’t swipe to delete a hint in the newest Android update

Hi Thomas,
Sorry about that! Our Android developer is already familiar with that bug and it will be fixed on next app update. Thanks for your patience!


Great :slight_smile: thanks

I just installed the most recent app update, but the bug persists.

Unfortunately looks like it wasn’t fixed properly. For me it also doesn’t work and I need to try to swipe many, many times to make it work eventually. I reported that to our Android developer again. Sorry!

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As long as it will eventually be fixed :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas, this issue is now fixed. Thanks again for your patience! :slight_smile:

What is this swiping action?

It would be great if it were possible to swipe to dismiss the translation pop-up box. It usually takes me several tries to hit the x in the corner, and tapping elsewhere on the screen is not usually possible, because that just selects another word. Another option would be if the first tap elsewhere on the screen dismissed the box, and then a second tap selected another word.

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Yes. Swipe to dismiss was a feature in the beta, and I miss it in the production release.