Irish Gaelic

Could anyone recommend any resources on the Irish language.
I’ve also heard of people using lingq to study unsupported languages can anyone tell me how to go about doing that?

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Just import lessons into a language slot that you don’t plan to use for regular study. If you are an English speaker, then your English slot is a good one to use. The trick, of course, is to find a dictionary to use. I use my English slot to study Hmong (sporadically!). The Babylon dictionary, which is available in the English slot, is multilingual so occasionally it brings up Hmong definitions when the words I’m lingqing can’t be found in any form in other languages.

However, I have a Hmong dictionary I’ve downloaded open in another window for normal use, and my paper dictionary is handy as well. Since the material I am studying also has English translations, I put that into the translation pane also.

Maybe it helps?