Irish and Welsh

Does anyone know if LingQ plans on adding beta language learning for Irish and/or Welsh?

Hi Linguiste,

We will happily add new languages if members can provide that solid base of content required for a language to be successful.

We require the following to add a new language:

2 audio hours of Beginner lessons

5 audio hours of Intermediate lessons

5 audio hours of Advanced lessons

As a Welsh woman I would especially love to see a Welsh course on LingQ. I learned a little at school but of course remember almost nothing. I may have to start searching for some good content…

Diolch! (Thanks)

Hello Linguiste7! There is a resource that might interest you that will help you learn Irish and Chinese( Mandarin or Cantonese).

Colloquial Irish ( PDF format)

Colloquial Chinese Mandarin ( PDF format)

Colloquial Cantonese ( PDF format)

Routledge’s website where you can find the free audio download.

I hope that you will enjoy this gift. I have Colloquial Breton and Colloquial Japanese on my Kindle and some of the other Colloquials on my computer.